Unworkable Ideas

A Microcosm of the Uncorrupted Internet


Framing is the ultimate skill and it happens all the time.  Things get framed for us and we also frame things on our own.

There is so much information to take in and process all the time that we use frames to help us make sense of things. Just like in photography, the framing can be somewhat arbitrary. What is included inside the frame versus what is left out makes a big difference.

Things happen inside the frame and things happen outside the frame.

Still, there are things inside the frame that we miss and there are things outside the frame that we convince ourselves are there.

As part of the human bag of tricks, our brains allow us to see things that aren’t there. This is helpful, but it also leads us astray. We often fill in missing pieces with things that aren’t there.

Timing is an overlooked aspect of framing. Each second in time consists of multiple frames. But even with an infinite amount of frames, it is impossible to catch everything.

Something is bound to go unnoticed.

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