Unworkable Ideas

A Microcosm of the Uncorrupted Internet


It doesn’t have to make sense, not all at once anyway. It doesn’t even have to reveal itself slowly. Maybe a few hints are dropped here and there, but who knows if the hints are legit. They could be real. They could be fake.

Whatever it is, it is not going to be easy. It is going to be a slog. There are a lot of moving parts and to have it all make sense in an elegant way is just not realistic. It’s just not something he’s done before. Perhaps it’s too ambitious, but the story is so brilliant that it almost has to be told. It is not that the idea itself is all that brilliant, but it solves so many problems.

It is too perfect. And anything that is too perfect, usually isn’t perfect at all. It is a chance for an even bigger fuck up than it already is. God knows what the unintended consequences of this scheme will be. 

But is that a reason not to try. Fuck the unintended consequences. If people considered the unintended consequences of everything then nothing would ever get done, and what would the unintended consequences of that be. Regardless, no matter what you do, you are stuck with unintended consequences.

It starts with the cranky old man realizing that time is running out, at least for him. Time may be infinite so are knowledge and space. Stop me if you have heard that before. Definitely, past his prime. Who really know what prime is, but his prime was content, but squandered.  eeling done with his life and desperation meets up with somebody in an online chat room that person’s young but also has issues. At first it starts off as a game but then they become really connected with each other. Perhaps two connected with each other realizing how damaging it is and unrealistic.

This should have never happened. The odds are totally against it. Billions of people online and this unlikely pair find each other.

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