Unworkable Ideas

A Microcosm of the Uncorrupted Internet

True Anonymity

Who says nothing good happens in anonymity? Whoever did say it is a fucking genius though.  Anonymity is a fucking illusion. Even on an anonymous chatroom, you are not anonymous. Maybe you’re hiding behind a screen name, but that doesn’t shield you from anything. Even if no one else knows who you are, you can’t really hide from your own brain.

Everyone is hiding behind something. It might be as simple as a fucking screen name, a masterfully executed fake identity or just simply how you present yourself to the outside world.

You can try to trick others and you can even trick yourself sometimes. You can get yourself caught up in some make-believe believe world of your own creation. It is complete bullshit. But it is your own bullshit.

The only thing more dangerous than your own bullshit is starting to believe your own bullshit. When your bullshit becomes your truth, it is really hard to come back from that.

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